Is your organization equipped for breakthrough innovation?

Companies need a strategy for breakthrough innovation

Companies need a deliberate strategy for breakthrough innovation to reinvent the enterprise. The pace of technological change is already a primary force of disruption causing companies to accelerate their reinvention strategies. Now, cloudAI and the metaverse are accelerating into megatrends that have the potential to dramatically speed up the pace of technological change, bend the innovation curve and become a crucial part of every organization’s value chain.

Cloud, AI and metaverse form the foundation of a strong digital core, which is a source of competitive advantage in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and opportunity, when business reinvention must be continuous. With a digital core in place, every company can aspire to create breakthrough innovations in their industry and adjacent markets— a territory that was formerly the domain of digital native companies.

Curve-bending innovation is now on the horizon

For several decades, the world has primarily measured technological advancements by a single metric: Moore’s law. As companies steadily harnessed ever-greater computing capabilities, they made incremental and important improvements in how they innovate, grow and operate. Moore’s law brought us progress that was exponential, but also predictable—until now.

Now, we’re at a new inflection point of technological disruption, as cloud, AI and metaverse evolve into megatrends that will dramatically bend the innovation curve. Much more than simply a form of computing, cloud is the operating system of the future enterprise. It allows businesses to run with greater speed and agility by standardizing operations on a common platform and enabling organizations to innovate and experiment faster. AI’s impact on business will be similarly far-reaching, because of its potential to reinvent practically every aspect of every enterprise. The metaverse marks a new era of digitally enhanced worlds and business models that will change how businesses interact and how they create products and services.

While the megatrends of cloud, AI and metaverse represent three technology “S-curves” that are disrupting businesses, they are also catalysts for productive business change. Legacy technologies limit an organization’s ability to change an innovation, but a strong digital core built on cloud, AI and metaverse enables continuous reinvention—embracing reinvention as a strategy in itself.

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