Our Mission + Vision

Danielle Peters Consulting specializes in simplifying the intricate Medicaid system in Colorado, particularly for independent behavioral health providers. Our goal is to streamline the contracting and credentialing process with Colorado State Medicaid (HCPF) and Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs) to reduce administrative complexities for busy providers and managers. This simplification aims to enhance access to timely and clinically appropriate care.  Services also encompass behavioral health policy development, integrated care, RFP response and submission, project management and clinical supervision for emerging clinicians. Our steadfast mission is to assist organizations in expanding their capacity and increase their access to care, all while optimizing billable services and operational efficiency.

Our team

Dani is a dynamic facilitator and subject matter expert in the field of behavioral health, known for her unwavering commitment to and organizational growth. With a unique combination of clinical knowledge, business acumen, and a passion for collaboration, she has become a driving force in reshaping the behavioral health services landscape in Colorado. Over her decade-long career, Dani has focused on creating systematic change and sustainability within the behavioral health and healthcare system, starting as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and expanding her expertise to areas like managed care organizations, program development, and improving access to care. She has not only achieved professional milestones, including certification in Lean/Six Sigma methodology but has also demonstrated her ability to translate complex systemwide concepts into practical solutions.

Dani is known for creating safe learning and growth environments. Her interactive leadership style encourages participants to explore and acquire new skills. Moreover, her talent for fostering collaboration has led to successful partnerships between behavioral health organizations, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and corporate entities seeking to enhance well-being. Dani’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision have made her a thought leader in merging behavioral health with program development, advising organizations on integrating programs that support workforce productivity and overall success. Her consultancy work spans diverse sectors, from nonprofit organizations to government entities, leaving a transformative impact on the field. As Dani continues to push boundaries and inspire the next generation of practitioners and leaders, she remains dedicated to making psychological well-being a cornerstone of success here in Colorado and beyond.


Dani Peters


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